Building Physician Roster

Building Physician Roster

Build your patient roster with our patient portal registration system

Communicating effectively with patients and families is a cornerstone of providing quality health care. The manner in which a health care provider communicates information to a patient can be equally as important as the information being conveyed. Patients who understand their providers are more likely to accept their health problems, understand their treatment options, modify their behavior and adhere to follow-up instructions.

Medica One has introduced a strong communication method with Ontarians by providing an advertising program introducing new family physicians to our clinics via online, social media and word of mouth through an integrative approach of different medical providers working together. We believe in the power of images and digital signage to promote our physicians therefore we have placed these advertising vehicles throughout all of our buildings.

In addition to all of this, Medica One’s REGISTERFORADOCTOR.COM is an advertorial portal which gives potential patients without a doctor an easy way to connect and secure a new family physician with us.


Medica One's new patient registration portal empowers any individual in need of a doctor. When patients visit REGISTERFORADOCTOR.COM, they are empowered with the ease of registering for a doctor and in less than 5 minutes. Selecting a doctor in our 5 city location has never been this easy...

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