Billing Management

Billing Management

Medica one strives to help physicians provide the best patient care possible. In doing so, it is our goal to manage in full measure, allowing physicians to focus solely on assessing and caring for their patients.

Included in the services provided by Medica one, is complete billing management. We have staff specifically trained to manage billing in the areas of family practice as well as multiple specialties.

Below are just some of the tasks that the billing team manages:
  • Billing Inquiries from Patients & The Ministry
  • Field questions from Staff & Physicians
  • OHIP Claim Data Entry
  • Confirmation of Batch Submissions
  • Error Revision & Resubmission
  • Management & yearly updating of Third Party Fees
  • Third Party Invoicing & Payment Processing
  • Accounts Receivable for OHIP & Third Party
  • RA Processing & Distribution
  • Preventive Care Bonus Submission

The accuracy and efficiency provided by the Medica one billing department is something you can always depend on.

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