With numerous clinics and commercial retail space, we are a one stop location

- Family Doctors

- Specialist

- Walk-in clinic

- Pharmacy

- X-ray

- Infectious Disease

- Travel Medicin


- Weight loss

 - Diabetes clinic

 - Dentist

 - Optometrist

 - Dermatologist

 - Naturopathic doctors


 - Ultrasound lab

 - Blood lab

 - Cardiac diagnostic testing

 - Nuclear medicine

 - Travel medicine

 - Hearing lab

 - Bracing, orthotics

 - Laser eye clinic

 - Pain clinic

 - Chiropractic / wellness

 - Physiotherapy

 - Anti-aging clinic

Available Family Doctor

Our partnership with some of the most caring and available family physicians is of the most importance to impecable health care.

Cardiac Diagnostics

Our facilities are equiped with cardiac diagnostics and blood labs for the convenience of fast turn around of testing results.

Xray | 3D | Imaging

Better diagnosis with accurate assessment of digital imaging for our patients when they need us.


Having the availability of a ready pharmacy is always vital to our patients healing. Enjoy the convenience of a pharmacy on your way home. From your prescribed medication to basic supplies, your health care needs are met in every way.

Specialists Clinics

Our facilities are always complemented with a variety of specialist clinics to serve your completeness. Cardiologist, medical weight management, diabetes, .......



Medica One's new patient registration portal empowers any individual in need of a doctor. When patients visit REGISTERFORADOCTOR.COM, they are empowered with the ease of registering for a doctor and in less than 5 minutes. Selecting a doctor in our 5 city location has never been this easy...